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Rewarding. Satisfying. Meaningful.

There is no better feeling than the satisfaction that comes with volunteering your time, knowing that you touched someone’s life.

At St. Clare Commons, we offer volunteers an added benefit: the collective wisdom, experiences and love of our residents. These are people who have lived life to its fullest, and they have so much to share. So when you volunteer your time – even if it’s a few hours a month – you’ll get something in return – an unforgettable, rewarding experience that will stay with you through your entire life.

St. Clare volunteers support the staff in providing the highest quality of life for the residents. So we’ll find responsibilities for you that best serve your interests and our needs. But our program will also work to ensure that the experience is rewarding for you as well. We want to provide opportunities for your personal growth, skill development, and meaningful service. Special skills and talents are always welcome (and needed), but the only thing that’s truly required is the ability to smile and laugh. It’s what makes St. Clare Commons home.

The following are some volunteer opportunities we offer that may interest you.

  • Group activity assistance
  • Fundraising projects
  • Craft helper
  • Dining assistance
  • Administrative work such as filing and general office needs
  • Volunteer reader
  • Companion/visitor


For more information about how you can get started, contact St. Clare Commons by phone at (419) 931-0050 or fill out the application linked below: