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Resident experience

The resident experience defined

The resident experience encapsulates everything a resident encounters in a senior living community, from the physical surroundings and staff interactions to the social opportunities and personalized care received. It's about much more than just providing a roof over someone’s head; it's about creating an environment that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit. CHI Living Communities has made enhancing the resident experience a priority in line with our mission and core values.

The importance of resident experience

Focusing on and improving our residents’ experience is a very important factor to ensure we provide our residents with the most positive life experience and care while they are a part of our communities. 

“The resident experience is at the core of success for CHI Living Communities. As we continue to seek ways to enhance the lives of our older adults, it is imperative that we focus on creating positive, meaningful, and personalized experiences,” according to Prentice Lipsey, President and CEO of CHI Living Communities. “As society evolves, so too should our approach to senior care, embracing innovative technologies, holistic wellness approaches, and person-centered care to better serve our aging population.”

Measuring resident experience

Conducting resident surveys provides us the ability to learn if we are meeting resident expectations or if there are opportunities to improve. In order to remain competitive in our markets, it is essential that we seek the views of our residents and families so that we can reinforce what is working for them and take action to improve those areas when we do not meet their expectations.

The survey process

Beginning Spring 2024, CHI Living Communities’ residents receive surveys at their campus location, while family members receive surveys via text and/or email during certain defined timeframes:

  • 30 days after move-in

  • every 6 months of residency

  • move-out

The surveys are brief and should take no more than five minutes to complete.

Moving forward with survey information

Our resident experience reporting provides CHI Living Communities campus leaders transparency into how our residents perceive the care/support they receive. It is critical that leaders uncover and understand the gaps in the teams’ ability to deliver excellent experiences. By establishing a regular cadence and consistently providing real-time visibility into resident experience, campus leaders, along with their teams, will be more effective at meeting their resident needs.


For more information

For further questions or inquiries about the CHI Living Communities resident experience, please contact us at [email protected].