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Exceeding expectations

Who's exceeding your expectations?

At CHI Living Communities, we appreciate knowing whenever a resident or family member/friend is pleased with exceptional care or service provided by our team.

Additionally, we strive to acknowledge employees who go “above and beyond” because we believe great performance should be publicly recognized. And, we want to recruit and keep the very best talent!
If you want to help us recognize one of our outstanding employees, please complete our Exceeding Expectations nomination form. It only takes a moment to complete, yet is certain to make a lifetime memory for one of our worthy employees when selected for this esteemed award.
Award-winners are announced each quarter. Those who earned the Exceeding Expectations award are listed below.

We appreciate hearing from you, so if we may improve upon our services in any way, also let us know about that, too. Please contact the campus’ Executive Director or another one of our leaders. We always value your honest feedback.
Most importantly, thank you for placing your sacred trust in our care. We strive for excellence in all we do, and are grateful for your support in providing our residents with the safe, compassionate care they deserve.

Exceeding Expectations award winners - second quarter 2022

Cathy Bensaid - Health Information Management Coordinator, Franciscan Villa
“Cathy maintains a steady and professional demeanor in and around residents, providing them a level of peace and security, even during times of high stress.”

Kameka Caulton  - Housekeeper, The Gardens of St. Francis
“Kameka is always has a smile on her face for both residents and coworkers.”

Kim Haake - Lead Infant Teacher, Franciscan Villa Childcare
“Kim sets goals for each child to try to complete. She is also a team player & very helpful.”

April Hollers - STNA, Madonna Manor
“April will always jump in and help when needed, even if that meant more work for her and even if that meant her staying later than her shift. She is always including others and always treats people with respect.”

Jessica Humphrey - Business Office Manager, The Gardens at St. Elizabeth
“Jessica jumps in and helps wherever she is needed and never says "that's not my job.” Just today, when our Wellness Coordinator was not available, she helped an Independent Living resident learn how to work her new blood pressure machine.”

Beth Kruzel - Activities Assistant, The Gardens of St. Francis
“Beth helped a resident clean out her closet when the resident wanted it done and the aides were busy. Beth goes to every resident room each morning to check on them.”

Jennifer Moore - Activities Assistant - Franciscan Villa
“The most remarkable thing about Jennifer is her humility. She doesn't see anything great in what she does or how she is. She is a true servant leader.”

Kyle Munroe - Director of Financial Planning - Home Office
“Throughout the budget process Kyle collaborated with executive leadership and campus leadership in order to create FY23 budgets that are achievable and realistic.”

Pemba Sherpa - Lead Cook - The Gardens at St. Elizabeth
“Pemba is a dedicated family man and extremely appreciative of his employment here. Prior to becoming a cook, he was a sherpa in Nepal.”

Barb Snodgrass - Regional Clinical Director East - Home Office
“Not only does Barb care about the success of the operation but she also cares about individuals and recognizes personal struggles and offers care and concern. Barb will call just to see how your day is going, or to say be safe when she knows you are driving home late.”