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Community life

At Providence Care Center and The Commons of Providence, we offer a variety of meaningful activities—all based on our residents’ wants and needs. Take an exercise class or sit in on a game of trivia. Join your neighbors for an outing to a local restaurant or mingle with friends at a regularly scheduled cocktail hour. Fish off the banks of Gilbert Pond or knit that special sweater for your granddaughter. The choice is all yours! We encourage individual decision-making to cultivate an environment of purpose and meaning. It’s truly what’s remarkable about Providence Care Centers and what makes it different than traditional senior living.

We believe that activities should be reflective of each person’s lifestyle and interests. The programs offered should be enjoyable, make the person feel useful and foster a sense of belonging to the community. This is what our residents have been doing all of their lives and the move to Providence should not change that.

In addition to the many spontaneous activities that occur daily, some of the scheduled programs that our current residents enjoy include:

  • Cocktail parties
  • Bingo
  • Trivia
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Dining out
  • Themed parties such as Mardi Gras and Super Bowl
  • Therapy dog visits
  • Cornhole
  • Wine tasting
  • Nature park visits
  • Amish country visits
  • Theatre