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What You Should Tell Your Executor

October 28, 2021

Published by: CHI Living Communities

To help you with this task, there are many books available for you to detail important information for your executor. This is especially helpful should you pass away unexpectedly. 

Some of the information you should include in such a book or in a file that you keep in a safe place includes:

  • The location of your will. Identify the exact spot in your home. If it’s filed with an attorney, include the contact information. And, if it’s stored online, specify the website. Don’t put your will in a safety deposit box because it can be very difficult for your executor to access it after your death.
  • Whom to notify. Provide the names and phone numbers of people you’d like your executor to reach, such as your doctors, your employer’s HR representative (if you still work), club membership representatives and others. Also, leave a ready list of loved ones who would appreciate knowing of your death – for instance, close friends, neighbors, cousins and former co-workers.
  • Your passwords. It’s hard enough for us to remember them when we’re alive ... imagine how a loved one will feel trying to access information for you if they have no idea how to unlock and use your phone to contact old friends or other important information? Include a list of passwords for your executor, plus details about how to close all of your accounts, memberships and subscriptions.
  • Who should get your possessions. Have a beautiful watch a grandson might treasure? A pearl necklace from your mom? Cherished recipes passed down through the generations? Specify whom you prefer to get these items after you’re gone to help deter family feuds ... they unfortunately do happen in the best of families, even over items that may not hold significant monetary value.


By spending some time now preparing to leave this information for your executor, you can save them many hours later trying to appropriately tie up your estate and assets for you.