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Carol Has Made Her Home Here

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Published by: CHI Living Communities

Carol has been a St. Leonard resident for almost ten years. Carol and her husband Les had been coming to St. Leonard for years, visiting Carol’s mother who was living in a St. Leonard Chaminade apartment. They had lived close by so it was very easy to visit often. When Les’ health declined, Carol became his caregiver. Once Carol acquired a life-threatening infection, it was then difficult to care for them both, so their family decided to have them come to St. Leonard to heal. Soon after, they became long-term residents.

Les soon after passed away, and gradually Carol began to recover and advance to a higher level of living where she currently thrives. Carol’s apartment is decorated with numerous photos of family and furniture pieces that hold special memories. It all reminds her daily of how blessed she has been through all of these years. The photo that is most special to Carol is the one of her at three years old being held by her father dressed in military uniform. Unfortunately he was killed in World War II, so she has very little memory of him.

Carol has very full days. She exercises every day, participates in activities, works puzzles, plays bingo. “I always have to be doing something,” she says. She serves as a resident council representative, volunteers, and is an avid user of Facebook. “I volunteer by helping people get around with directions. Since I’ve been here a while, I know where everything is.” She also helps sort out greeting cards and with cutting out store coupons. “I love to walk and walking around on this campus is beautiful,” she says.

Carol has two daughters and two step-daughters and four grandchildren. She grew up in East Dayton, later moving to Kettering, and then Centerville.

What does Carol like about being at St. Leonard? “I’m glad I can be here and be active. I also like the fact that if I run out of money, I can still stay here. I love the staff, especially Angie in Finance, and my best friend is Erin, our Residential Care Manager.”

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