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Spring Has Sprung … And It’s Fun!

April 28, 2021

Published by: CHI Living Communities

If you notice that your mood is getting brighter with the additional daylight, you join many others who feel refreshed after a long winter of short, dark days … particularly amid the pandemic when most of us felt more shut-in than usual.

To reap the most health benefits from this new season, be sure to enjoy spring to the fullest! Get outside at least three to four times each week, even if only for 10- or 15-minute intervals. Stretch your arms, move your legs about, and breathe in slowly and deeply to savor springtime delights – the smell of freshly cut grass, the brightness of yellow forsythia in bloom, or fat robins enjoying a rain puddle.

Increased sunlight not only can brighten your mood, but can improve conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. If you’re going to be outdoors for more than about 20 minutes, however, be sure to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to avoid risking sunburn.

Although many seniors need to be mindful of budgetary constraints, there are many things to enjoy that cost absolutely nothing! Take a stroll with a neighbor visit a new grocery store, watch your granddaughter’s softball game, stop by a flower market or window-shop at a new boutique can provide beautiful new sights, smells and sounds.

Other delights of the season may include visiting a nearby farmer’s market to enjoy fresh produce for dinner tonight. Or, plan a brief trip, such as driving to a nearby park, museum or beach for the day. Simply getting out of the house can boost your immune system!

Finally, what better time of year than spring to plant something? Maybe you want to try planting a new variety of tomatoes in your garden, pot an exotic flower or add to your orchid collection. Spring is eternal and filled with much hope. So, get the most out of this glorious season by being open to try something a little bit new each week … outdoors!