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Health Information Management Coordinator


Franciscan Care Center
4111 N. Holland Sylvania Rd.
Toledo, OH 43623

Job Type: Full-Time



The Health Information Management Coordinator serves as the privacy officer and creates and maintains accurate and complete medical records in order to meet insurance, Medicare, and regulatory requirements. While maintaining supplies in an orderly accessible system while performing basic resident care as needed

Department: Health Information Management

Reports to: Administrator


Job Requirements

Essential Job Specific Duties/Responsibilities

  • Uses ICD-10-CM codes to code new admission referrals as they come in each day.
  • Ensures the HIM, therapy, and MDS all match on ICD-10-CM coding for accuracy at the end of each month.
  • For SNFs, ensures all physician orders are added to charts each month.
  • Maintains effective communication (verbal and/or written) with insurance companies, physicians, vendors, residents, families, and interdisciplinary team members.
  • Responds promptly and professionally to requests for resident information from internal/external customers.
  • Maintains and controls release of information to authorized persons as directed by Administrator and/or Director of Nursing.
  • Communicates resident concerns/complaints to the Registered/Licensed Nurse, Unit Manager, and/or Director of Nursing in a timely manner. Checks to make certain that there was follow-up with the resident concern/complaint
  • Provides up-to-date physician’s last visit list for specific physicians, as requested.
  • Provides up-to-date list of skilled/non-skilled residents for specific physicians, as requested.
  • Participates on facility HIPPA committee and other committees as assigned per Administrator and/or Director of Nursing.
  • Assembles list of residents to be seen by podiatrist and facilitates monthly visit, preparing necessary equipment/supplies and information for the podiatrist.
  • Maintains, analyzes, and evaluates medical records for proper organization and documentation in accordance with current insurance/regulatory requirements.
  • Audits resident in-house and discharge records to assure completeness, accuracy, legibility, and authentication of the data and information.
  • Prepares billing report for resident supplies used monthly and provides to Billing/Accounting Department by the 5th of each month.
  • Compiles complete and accurate resident records within time frame established by policy and procedure.
  • Re-orders medical supplies in an efficient and accessible system to provide continuous resident care.
  • Provides Administrator and Director of Nursing with summary of monthly medical record audits by 10th of each month.
  • Maintains necessary charge out control of medical records.
  • Thins in-house records in accordance with facility records retention procedure and files the information chronologically in the in-house overflow file.
  • Coordinates chart completion with other departments.
  • Organizes and files discharge records in close out order. Follow-up with interdisciplinary team to complete discharge summary and close record within thirty days.
  • Identifies incomplete documentation and reports to individual(s) responsible for completion.
  • Acts as liaison with off-site storage vendor for facility medical records. Facilitates transfer of records to and from storage site.
  • Facilitates shredding of documents within facility according to policy and procedure.
  • Maintains sufficient supply of medical record forms at each nursing unit. Assembles admission/re-admission packets and makes accessible at each nursing unit.
  • Collects and computes of statistical data.
  • Maintains and prepares statistical reports as directed by the Administrator and/or Director of Nursing in accordance with the needs of the facility.
  • Assists Administrator and Director of Nursing in collection of Performance Improvement data.
  • Performs all physician credentialing/re-appointment activities per campus policy and procedure.
  • Conducts in-services and instruction/orientation for documentation issues in collaboration with Director of Nursing.
  • Inputs allergy and diagnosis information into computer system. Updates resident face sheets as needed.
  • Serves as Privacy Officer for facility.
  • Maintains knowledge of current HIPPA regulations and requirements as they apply to long-term care and senior housing.
  • Presents HIPPA orientation and education to staff.
  • Routinely audits campus compliance with HIPPA privacy and security regulations. Provides reports/recommendations to the Executive Director and affected areas.
  • Responds to all inquiries regarding compliance from staff, residents, and outside agencies.
  • Satisfies all educational in-service requirements mandated by CHI Living Communities, the department, external accrediting, and regulatory agencies.
  • Attends all mandatory in-service programs.
  • Adheres to facility policies and procedures.
  • Completes yearly online education program by deadline.
  • Attends employee meetings on a regular basis.
  • Completes duties related to materials management.
  • Stocks nurse and nursing assistant supply closet(s) with specific/established par levels at least twice weekly.
  • Organizes supplies in an orderly manner to accomplish successful completion of fire inspections, audits, and surveys. Meets regulatory requirements for all federal and state rules and regulations.
  • Compiles and maintains inventory records. Maintains Nursing Department inventory with assistance of supply vendor
  • Collaborates with nursing staff to order any necessary medical supplies in a professional and timely manner.
  • Completes audit of expenses including a lost charge report to maintain budget integrity. This report is generated monthly to the Administrator.
  • Organizes catalogues and other resources for supplies in office area. Compares prices and obtains bids in order to negotiate price.


Education & Experience Overview

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Ability to read, write, understand, and follow simple instructions.
  • Experience in ICD-9-CM coding required. One – two years prior experience in an office-type setting preferred.
  • Regular attendance is an essential part of this job.


Places orders with vendor(s) for staff uniforms and provides Payroll/Human Resource Department with necessary charge amount to be payroll deducted, as required.    In addition to the essential job specific duties listed above, the Health Information Management Coordinator shall be required to perform all duties (essential and non-essential) in a manner consistent with the mission and values (compassion, excellence, inclusion, integrity, collaboration) of CHI Living Communities and will be evaluated on such basis. Furthermore, every employee must abide by all campus, departmental, and safety policies, rules, and regulations.

 CHI Living Communities has the right to change the job specific duties and specifications required for the position of Health Information Management Coordinator from time to time without prior notice